Cloud Backup Ensures Data Availability and Security

With all the high-profile data breaches in the headlines over the last couple years, many people wonder if their data that lives in the cloud are safe enough. Ensuring data confidentiality is critical for both maintaining trust in your company and meeting compliance requirements. The conversation of data security in the cloud explains how the actual web or mobile app provider is accountable for the data protection, regardless of the Cloud platform. A common misconception in Cloud computing is that data is not secure when hosted on 3rd party hardware.  While there have been numerous stories in

the headlines exposing data breaches, the truth is that Cloud computing can be even more secure as opposed to when you host it in your own environment.  Regardless of the hardware and Cloud infrastructure, the software that a company delivers must maintain validated checks and balances to prove that data is safe. “Cloud-based solutions are increasingly in demand around the world. These solutions include everything from secure data storage to entire business processes.”

When using Cloud apps, in theory, the data should be protected from unauthorized access.  This is because the online software provider uses encrypted data and enforces security controls over the infrastructure. There may also be situations where you want to make data available to certain personnel under certain circumstances – providers must be able to do this securely. At MORESCO, we make sure that the cloud service we provide are in compliance with the regulations that are dictated by their customers.  If they enter into an agreement, they must able to validate that secure measures are followed, and all breaches or losses must be disclosed.  With cloud computing, there are large amounts of data, coming from many sources.  A Cloud system will deliver the access in its base form, but it is up to

the cloud app developer to define means of access.   Authorization is crucial in assuring that only specific entities can interact with data and that there are ways of producing the proof.  In a cloud environment, data integrity must be maintained at all times to avoid any inherent data loss. Maintaining data availability is essential for the performance and business

continuity of an organization. If you were to lose access to mission-critical data, your IT operations could grind to a halt, resulting in financial costs and, more importantly, damage to the reputation of your organization. Now with the advent of Public Cloud providers like AWS, subscribers can dictate what region(s) data is stored in. To increase availability data can replicated or backed up across various availability zones and geographic regions.   This is

important because it not only helps with compliance but also increases response time/latency on a global scale.

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